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Add a spa to your pool and take advantage of its benifits

The spais currently one of the most sought after wellness products. Moreover, it is even classified as a relaxation material par excellence. Providing users with countless benefits, it promotes relaxation of the body and relaxation of the muscles. The swim spa, meanwhile, allows both to enjoy a great feeling of well-being like a classic jacuzzi and to spend energy thanks to the practice of swimming. Basically, this type of basin favors the practice of sport and relaxation.

Types of swim spa

This type of basin is very widespread on the market. Sold with hot tub accessories, everyone can choose the model that best meets their expectations and according to their budget. There are several types of swim spa on the market. The built-in spa, the semi-recessed and the laptop. The latter is the most accessible at the price level. There are also two types of swim spa offered by manufacturers and redeemers such as tropicspa.com : the classical swimming spa, which includes both the swimming area and the balneotherapy area and the two-zone swimming spa where Two zones are separated. By opting for the first, you must then make a choice while for the second, you can alternate swimming and relaxation.

The benefits of the swim spa

The choice of a swim spa is a very good compromise for anyone wanting to get both a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. If you do not have enough room to buy a swimming pool, the swim spa is a very good alternative since it is cheaper with great ease of use. The portable version does not require any installation work since you simply need to install it and connect it. The dimensions of this type of basin are also much larger. Indeed, an adult can settle in a swimming position. It can be up to 5 meters long with a depth of about 1.3 meters. For the bizone spa, the balneotherapy area can accommodate between 2 and 4 people depending on the desired position.

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